Key Curriculum Areas: 

  • Practical life: Independence, social skills and care for the environment
  • Sensorial: Colours, shapes, textures, weights, dimension, discrimination and distinguishing between smells, taste and sound
  • Mathematics: Numbers, quantities, counting, addition, subtraction, decimal system, multiplication and division
  • Language: Oral language, phonics, letter formation, sentence structure, vowels and consonants, writing, reading and early literacy skills
  • Culture: Geography, botany, zoology, science, history, music and art

Daily Routines: It all starts with your Daily Schedule

  • Daily routines provide a consistent pattern of activities for learning time, meals, rest, and outdoor play. The predictability of the routine helps children to feel secure and positively influences their emotional, cognitive, and social development. The daily routine for each age group is adapted to meet children’s needs, support emerging interests, and nurture the development of each child’s personality and intelligence.

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