Providing Quality Care For Your Little Ones

Providing Quality Care For Your Little Ones

American Family Child Care Association (AFCCA) is a national organization providing support for family child care providers. Our mission is to enable family child care providers to grow and remain successful by connecting them to the resources and support needed to reach their professional goals. We believe that providing quality and affordable child care is of utmost importance, and we strive to help make this goal a reality through partnerships with government agencies, philanthropic organizations, community organizations, and other stakeholders. 

At AFCCA, we understand that success begins with the right resources and the right support. We provide customized solutions for each business, thoroughly covering all the required applications, services and guidance to ensure that the business is supported in a variety of areas. AFCCA offers grants and contract support, homebuyer and homeowner services, licensing, taxes and financing services, and insurance support for family care providers. 

We also provide a range of online presence services, such as social media marketing, website creation, and assessment and observations services. These services can be used to facilitate the educational growth of young learners, as well as helping to ensure a safe, secure, and well-regulated environment. We recognize that dual language learners need particular support, and we are able to offer such support through a variety of intensive courses, conducted in both English and the native language. 

We understand that business and customer success often depends on selecting and maintaining the most cost-effective and highest quality solutions available, and we provide a number of support services to assist providers in achieving their goals. Our monthly bookkeeping services are designed to maximize efficiency and accuracy for businesses who are struggling to keep their books in order. This service keeps financial records updated and helps family providers to save time and money in applications and negotiations for financial support, taxes, and immigration services. 

Further, we provide comprehensive consultation services for healthcare, retirement planning and government programs. As well, our team of experienced staff members is available to assist with EEC license renewals, program and environment assessments, individual professional development plans, and strengthening families initiatives, among others. 

At AFCCA, we strive to bring stakeholders and family child care providers together in order to ensure the highest quality and most cost effective solutions available. We believe in the power of collaboration and are committed to using our networks to ensure that family providers are able to access the resources they need to succeed and reach their goals.
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